Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Mercedes or the Landrover?

Ok, I admit it.  I like nice cars. 
Living near the city and taking the train to work everyday, I usually only need a car for weekend/vacation trips, visits back home or shopping adventures.  But this past week of snow has made me reconsider my automotive  needs and maybe it is the time to break down and buy a vehicle I have long wanted  - The Land Rover.

There were two "signs" yesterday that maybe it is time.

First, this is the tag line for the Land Rover, " Turns Snow Days Into Go Anywhere Days."  I am all for that.

I dislike being stuck anywhere because of the weather and the Land Rover is basically built to leap tall buildings in a single bound - to take on snow drifts (even on Lake Shore Blvd.) and to carry skies and boots for that weekend ski trip to Michigan or Colorado.

Second, the body style for the Land Rover is going to change in 2012 and who knows what may happen to the classic style I have always loved?  Look what happened to BMWs...need I say more?

But.....do I want practical or do I want sexy/elegant?

I think back to a test drive a friend  and I took several months ago in the Mercedes CLS.  "Infatuation quickly becomes unwavering devotion" is the tag line for this sexy car. 

And it is true....this car is sooooo sexy and sleek.  Sitting inside is like being in a cocoon of luxury and understated elegance. I can envision driving up to The Elysian and stepping out for a weekend get-away..in a great black dress, just the right shoes....with Mr. Bond of course.

Hmmmm.....Practical beauty (Land Rover) vs. understated elegance (Mercedes) .....

Can't I have both?

It is Chicago - it is winter-and so I think I will wait until Spring has sprung to make a new car decision.

Until then, it my reliable Audi ...and with the money I will save....a new pair of shoes.
A girl has to have some fun....

Have a Violet's Day.



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