Monday, January 31, 2011

Estate jewelry- Wear it and become part of the past....

I admit to having a thing for estate jewelry.  Maybe because I know that each piece comes with a history, a past and there is something comforting and yet intriguing about wearing something with a hidden story. 

I image the life of the lady who wore the brooch or the bracelet and the parties and events she attended wearing the pieces that I now wear.  In my mind's eye, she looks like Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief or Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.  And now, I am wearing what she wore as she had lunch on the front lawn of her home by the lake, entertaining guests and being the most desirable hostess around.

In Chicago,  a really fun place to shop is Lulu's at the belle kay on Lincoln Ave.
The focus here is on vintage dresses and the jewelry that might go with them, but there are new things all the time to dream about and I am especially taken with the Victorian lockets and Art Deco bracelets.

You can shop online if you do not live in Chicago.

I also HIGHLY recommend the following websites for amazing pieces.; and  

At the Georgian jewelry site, the pieces are especially stunning and there is lots of information about the various eras in jewelry design.  Look at this piece below - more than a little out of my price range, but there are hundreds of other pieces I could buy myself for Valentine's Day.

Look around your city and see what you can find locally first.  If you have a great place to share with all Violet's in the world, send me an email. 

Have a Violet's Day and try a piece of estate jewelry to add a personal touch to your business suit, winter coat or hat..or dress for a night out - make your own style unique.

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