Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bring on the Spring Collections

Does this dress by Oscar De La Renta just scream Spring 2011 to you? Flowers, crisp white color, classic design, old world glamour with the gloves...fresh and fun.

If you have not had the chance to look at the Spring collections (that were actually shown prior to last Fall), you can see all the major designers from New York, Paris, London, Milan etc. on the Vogue website.  SO FUN to look at what women and men will be wearing this year and choose a couple of pieces to add to the wish list for spring.

If you love fashion, the Vogue site is easy to navigate and the photos are amazing, with each piece in every collection featured on its own. 

Since I just started taking riding lessons, I also HAVE to show you two wish list ensembles from Hermes.

How amazing are these from the Spring 2011 Paris show? 

The Fall 2011 shows are also posted. But if you are like me, let's just focus on Spring 2011 for now and be encouraged that winter will soon be over and these new Spring fashions will soon see the light of day and the warmth of spring.

This weekend is finally my date with Bond, so stay tuned to see what happens...I know I will.

Have a Violet's Day! 

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