Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is on your "What I love" list?

Today I am in the mood for a list. 

I like lists - not all the time (especially when they are lists of things I have to do) - but I do like how simple, easy to follow and straight-forward they are, so here is today's list.

Some of these things will change tomorrow and some are on the permanent "best loved" list. 

So here is what I love today - what about you?
-Good manners
-Clothes, accessories, bags and shoes that the woman wears and that do not wear her
-Keeping things until they come back into style
-Beautiful things that are always beautiful - timeless beauty never goes out of fashion
-Long lasting gum flavor
-Ralph Lauren -  clothes, stores, handbags, advertisements...etc..GREAT MARKETING!
-Reading for pleasure and for inspiration
-Lake Michigan
-Myself (some days more than others)
-All types of mentoring and volunteering - LIFE IS ABOUT GIVING after all.... 
-Chautauqua,in upstate New York
-Chicago Architect Lucien Lagrange (more on him in future blog)
-The Deer Path Inn in Lake Forest, Illinois
-Skating in the park
-Late night chats under the covers
-Hot chocolate with lots of small marshmallows
-Saturday Night Live - only the funny episodes

1 comment:

  1. That is a great list, I also love all of those things. (Especially good manners, even if I don't have them all of the time :-D)