Sunday, January 9, 2011

What is your "violet's day?"

So this is me - Violet Day. I am in Chicago this month and I hope to see you around if you are in town. Look for me in my violet trench coat.

Not terribly warm in the Chicago winter, but a girl sometimes must sacrifice comfort for fashion and I want you to be able to pick me out in the crowd. By the way, all women look good in violet - so if you see a violet trench that you fancy, I would be flattered to be your twin.

Check out this site for the classic trench.

The unexpected discovery in this post is that the London Fog site features an homage to another favorite thing of mine, Mad Men.

More on that later....but don't you love it when websites tell a story?  The London Fog site does and others too I will mention in future blogs.

I love a good story, an adventure, a romance, a thriller, a tear here is the beginning of my story.

I am on a quest like so many others (and we need that number to increase) to matter to the world, to those around me who know me, to those around me who do not know me and to those I have yet to meet.  

I am learning that staying true to my vision of what makes me happy, what gives me joy and what makes me laugh, and by seeing the beauty in the details and in the possibilities  - this is what makes a good day - a "Violet Day."  And I can make these days happen and so can you....

Through sharing my days with you and yours with me, it is my hope for all of us to share the simple gifts that make each day a gift.  Lets share our best days - details, pictures, stories and laugh and learn together.
Lets make today a Violet's (insert your name here) Day....

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