Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes - Dresses to dream about...

The variety of colors and styles at The Golden Globes last night were very refreshing and fun.  It seemed as if every woman who was interviewed said, " I love my dress."  And we all know that the better you like what you are wearing and the more you feel confident about your choice - the better you look automatically.  Here were my favorites.

January Jones dressed for the men at the event and for the men around the world who would be watching...but why not?  She looked beautiful in red with the simple and classic hair style (loved it), minimal make-up and red lips that exactly matched her dress. She made the most of her figure as well and showed just the right amount of skin. 

Love the simple, sleek lines of this dress and it fit her perfectly -from Calvin Klein.  Did not love the color (would love to see it in dark purple or navy blue) but thought her make-up and hair were simple and elegant, just like the dress. 

Another Calvin Klein dress that was simple, elegant and sexy too.  Simple hair, simple jewelry, simple make-up, but very elegant.  Would have loved this dress in another color, maybe yellow (on the right person) or periwinkle or navy blue.

Who were your favorites of the evening and why? 

Good news is that awards season is just starting, so lots more to see over the next two months.

Have a Violet's Day.

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