Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dressing for Mr. Bond

In preparation for my date with Mr. Bond next week, I wanted to get a couple of new things to add to what I already have.  I purchased a new winter coat in October and with this year's typical Chicago weather, it is getting exposed to the elements every day.  Brrr...

Here is the link to the coat I purchased
and I love it.  It is from Burberry and it was an investment.  But I wear it every day and it goes with my jeans, my suits and my evening wear.  And the Burberry logo is on the that is is there, but not so obvious

And - it from Burberry and who does not love their new focus on modern classic clothing -I am a huge fan of their ads as well!

Marzy Silk-Cashmere Dress - Lauren - RalphLauren.comShopping online is really relaxing for me since I know my size and I like to look around before I buy. Also a first date right after work can be difficult to dress for...the outfit needs to go from the office to the evening with a minimal effort and so I ordered this dress from Ralph Lauren.  It is appropriate for the office with a jacket, but with a change of jewelry and shoes..I think it will be appropriate for Mr. Bond.
And IT IS ON it!

I like the fact that the dress grey also...and clingy, but not too revealing.  I say a little surprise is always sexy and yet, the dress does show a little skin with the arms.I must admit, since the dress was on sale - I got the sweater that goes with the dress.

Marnie Cabled Long Cardigan - Lauren -
Maybe I will wear it, maybe not - depends on the weather next week.

And now to jewelry - more on that and my hair and shoes tomorrow.

Make it a Violet's Day.

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