Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bond connections - he lives next to Mrs. Goldfinger

Maybe you have been wondering about my date with Bond, Jack Bond.  It is on for this weekend.  I have been out of town for business trips this last week and had to reschedule my night out with Bond.

Luckily MY Mr. Bond is as charming as James Bond in the movies and has accommodated my crazy schedule.

But this is a hilarious twist to our ongoing Bond adventure....guess who is a neighbor of MY Mr. Bond....?
Mrs. Goldfinger.  How funny is that?

I wonder what other Bond connections I will discover on our first date...?  I don't want to get too excited and expect a Bond car to be a part of the whole night or that he will wear a perfectly tailored suit (with the perfect shirt)...but I am hopeful.  A girl needs a little fantasy and dreaming after all...

Have a Violet's Day!  We all need a Mr. Bond in our lives.

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