Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammys have some glam...

As awards season winds down, I look forward to my favorite Hollywood fashion event, the Oscars. But last night, I did something totally out of character for me. I actually watched part of the Grammys. 

The reason I usually do not watch is because the fashions are not my taste - too flashy, too over-the-top (and some still were) and too much!

But take a look below at Selena Gomez's J. Mendal gold gown from the event.  This girl is only 18 and knows style, what looks great on her and is not afraid to look sophisticated.  That is my type of girl.

And here was another winner, Julianne Hough, wearing a very romantic feeling dress by Maladrino.

The patterns and muted violet tones (I have a weakness for the color violet after all) looked lovely with her coloring and the draping of the dress was very flattering.

The Grammys fashions were very interesting...lots of  hits, and more misses, and amongst all the flash, feathers, shine and sparkle, there were women who dressed well and looked great. 

But I will say it was a fun night of entertainment - and even Lady Gaga's "egg"citing entrance was fashionable.

Have a Violet Day!

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