Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Starting to love Kate Middleton...

I think we may have a winner here ladies and gentlemen...William looks to have chosen a style icon in the making.  Twenty-nine year old Kate is choosing well-tailored,  figure flattering classic styles that fit a princess to be.

Here is the lovely couple visiting Scotland. Kate is wearing a suit by the Italian designer, Luisa Spangoli. This designer was relatively unknown outside of Italy until this suit made such a splash.  Red looks great on her.

And how cute is Kate in this Burberry trench coat celebrating National Pancake Day last week in the United Kingdom.

For their engagement photo, Kate chose a designer she wears often - Issa.  The blue dress fits perfectly and compliments her blue eyes and her engagement ring that was first worn by Princess Diana.

Kate, I am starting to love your style and cannot wait to see your wedding dress on April 29.  You are setting a good example for women your age and of any age.  Nice!

Have a Violet's Day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Watch Collections from Ralph Lauren- Telling Time Beautifully

I am a huge fan of a beautiful watch.  This weekend I was with Mr. Bond at Polo on Michigan Ave and featured at the store, were some very beautiful watches.

The Stirrup Collection

The Slim Classique Collection 

The Sporting Collection
If you cannot make it to a Polo store, check out the whole collection at  http://www.ralphlaurenwatches.com/en/Watch.

Now, we know from the Bond movies, that James Bond likes the Omega brand of watches (and who doesn't?). But even my Mr. Bond liked the Sporting collection at Polo.  The men and womens' styles were classic and yet the perfect size....hmmmm...is it appropriate to ask for a St Patrick's Day gift I wonder?  Even if I am not Irish???

Have a Violet's Day.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Bond - Daniel Craig

Today is Bond's birthday. 

Ok, I admit I do not know the true birthday of the fictional character James Bond..but today is Daniel Craig's 43rd birthday. 

So, here is a gift for all of us Bond fans...

I will admit to having a little movie crush on the guy - and truly, just on Daniel's portrayal of Mr. Bond.

Although Daniel is a great actor and I have enjoyed some of his other movies like The Golden Compass, it is the fantasy settings (especially in Casino Royale) and way Daniel plays Bond as more caring and romantic (than former Bond's who just wanted to keep score of the women) that I like. Of course, the man can wear a suit....and that never hurts either!

Have a Violet's Day!    

Friday, February 25, 2011

Do etiquette rules of 1924 still apply today?

In 1924, Vogue published a Book of Etiquette about how to behave appropriately in public.  I thought this was fascinating.

Some of these rules are published in Buzzfeed, http://www.buzzfeed.com/clio/vogues-book-of-etiquette-1iti?awesm=awe.sm_5FNIl&

Here is one that I wish was still common practice - because dinner SHOULD be an event when you go out and dressing up is part of the fun.   

And this article made me go...hmmmm...because I do pronounce some of these words the way Vogue says not to...but maybe it is my Midwestern upbringing?


I said in an earlier blog that good manners were one of my favorite things.  I wonder what the 2011 etiquette rules would be if Vogue did a new book?  I hope many of the rules would still apply.   

Have a Violet Day! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's start swapping...clothes,accessories and shoes that is...

OK - Am I the last to know about this clever site?   http://www.swapstyle.com/

It is a HUGE site to trade things you no longer want or that no longer fit (the worst!) and find amazing replacements (many designer names)and it is easy!  It is also not limited to just clothing...but so far, that is as far as I have gone....but this site can be addicting.

You join for FREE and then you swap with woman around the world.  Currently there are about 45,000 members and the variety of items available to swap is huge!

There is a blog, a style swap link and many other features that made me try it with a pair of Calvin Klein pumps that never fit quite right. 

So have you tried this site?  Let us all know what you think about the do's and don'ts of swapping.

Have a Violet's Day.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Love to Travel - Hate to Pack?

If you are like me, you love to travel, but hate to pack.
What to bring, what to wear, how many pairs of shoes will I need, are only a few of the decisions to be made when laying everything out on the bed and hoping and praying it will all fit into my carry-on luggage.

Here is a cute website that has women travelers as its focus: http://www.pb-travel.com/home.html
Their slogan is "Cool travel accessories for the Modern Woman and her Family"

Here are a couple of purchases I have made at this site that I use all the time and think you will too.

Look at these adorable luggage tags.  I put my area code on mine. However, you can choose whatever numbers you like and look at the bright colors - very easy to spot amongst all the black suitcases.

And every woman needs a cashmere wrap for the chilly plane and airport, but mostly to use as a wrap for an evening out when you get to your final destination.  These are lovely and soft and I even went out of my comfort zone and did NOT order the black...got the violet (big surprise).  

I have been looking for a cute and inexpensive leather passport holder and got one for $10 at pd travel. 

It will be hard to miss the bright pink cover amongst all my black accessories - which is exactly what I wanted.

I still love to travel and hate to pack, but these accessories make it a little less painful and a lot more colorful.

Have a Violet's Day.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

White feels right for Spring...BCBG Max Azria

Although the rest of the collection is full of vivid color and bright patterns, these white dresses from the Spring 2011 BCBG Max Azria Collection are the ones that caught my eye.  Maybe it is because I am thinking about a trip to the West Coast or Southwest in late Spring, or maybe it is because around Chicago, I have been seeing a lot of white (snow that is).

These dresses have the sheer look that will be popular for Spring and Summer and the simple lines that I like too. 

The grey wedges add a cool touch to the white. Silver accessories make the white look even fresher. 

Notice that the models are carrying small silver clutches.  These structural, hard handbags are on trend for now - but still for me, too small to be practical.

Have a Violet's Day and start thinking white....clothes that is...